A Cardio, Strength & Endurance Workout for Kiteboarding, SUP, Surf.

A quick high intensity interval training workout that can be done anywhere. This type of workout will help to develop and improve exiting fitness geared towards your sport of choice. We spend a lot of time either Kiteboarding, surfing, SUP and more. Fitness is the key to preventing injury and also helps to improve overall performance. For beginners, this is the perfect workout to prepare you for your new adventures on the water. If you like these and find them useful for motivation, please share and tag: #bebeachfit

Follow on screen instructions for the stated times and repetitions. Only rest only for one minute between each completed circuit. 
- Cardio x 3
- Strength x 3

Lower Abs, Legs & Chest.

- Start in straight arm plank position, carry out mountain climbs for 15 secs at max intensity.
- Plank position, hands shoulder width apart for 15 sec push ups. Can be done on feet or knees depending on the individual.
- Repeat the combo from start, each exercise will be completed twice = 1 minute.

Core (Lower back, abs, obliques)

- Start in straight arm plank position. Lower down on to forearms one at a time, then back up to plank position
- Alternate which arm you lead with. ie- start on right side, next time start with left
- Be sure to always engage core to avoid lower back collapsing.
- Repeat exercise for 1 minute

Core, Arms & Chest

- Start in straight arm plank position, jumps legs apart, back together, in towards your chest, return to plank position. Use your core to for control and fluidity rather than your legs.
- Follow with two push ups (can be done on feet or knees depending on the individual)
- Repeat this combination for 1 minute at max intensity.

Complete Lower Body

- Jump down into a wide squat stance ( Feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart) * remember butt travels back and knees do not overtake the toes
- Jump back to starting position – repeat for 15 secs * If you are not up to jumping, then do 15 secs of sumo squat.
- Alternate jump lunges for 15 sec. Engage core for stability and keep knees travelling in a straight line * If you are not up to jumping then do standard alternate lunges
- Repeat the combo from start, each exercise will be completed twice = 1 minute.

Full Body.

- Deep squat pulses for 15 secs * Keep chest lifted, butt back and down, make sure knees are pointing straight and are not over the knee
- Drop down into plank position and with each push raise one leg up using butt. Alternate between legs and repeat for 15 secs.
- Explosive return to squat position lifting legs up and under you using your abs.
- Repeat this sequence for a total of 1 min.

Legs & Bum

- Start a normal back lunge but place leg on opposite side. Remember to squeeze with leading leg both on the way down and up, rather than push with the back leg. Alternate legs 8 times
- Deep Squats x 8 * remember engage the core, lift chest and butt travels back and down. Don't let knees fall in or out.
- Staying in squat position, pulse 16 times.
- Repeat combo for a total of 1 minute.