How to make a long-haul flight beautiful.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, sucks the life out of your skin quite like a long-haul flight. Now an aeroplane is certainly not the most glamorous or zen of locations - have you seen the lighting in the bathroom!? - but time in the air can often be the perfect spot for a bit of pampering.  

Since I started flying regularly I've always had the same rituals, and over the years have found some great products to help my skin survive the gritty climate of on-board air-conditioning. Ultimately the goal is to ensure that I step off the plane feeling fresh faced, energised and with a holiday-ready glow!   

Pre-take-off cleanse and hydrate. - You've found your seat and have 10 mins before take off, it's time for a little cleanse and hydrate. The key is to let the skins surface breathe, so get rid of any make-up that you might be wearing. I like to use This Works In Transit No Traces pads. Incredibly efficient at removing grime and lashings of mascara, they're infused with rosewater and water mint to improve the skins moisture and maintain PH. They also unclog pores without needing a bathroom sink, water and lots of scrubbing action.

To hydrate, i'm currently using Brightening Facial Oil by Manuka Doctor , which not only is doing wonders for my sun spots, but is one of the longer lasting products i've come across. Anti-oxident rich, deeply nourishing and suited to all skin types, this product is light, sinks deep into the skin and gives a luminous glow from the get-go.

Inflight maintenance. - If your eyes are red from tiredness, dryness, lack of sleep or general irritation - courtesy of your chosen airline – then try a herbal lubricating eye drop like A.Vogel for relief. For chapped lips nothing beats my old favourite 8 Hour Cream by Elizabeth Arden. Although the smell and taste is slightly off, the product itself is magic!

Before landing. - Once again, it's time to think about cleansing your skin again with This Works In Transit No Traces pads, and dab on a layer of Brightening Facial Oil by Manuka Doctor. If your under slept and have heavy bags then pay attention as here comes the miracle worker. Hollywood Eye Magic; an Anti-Ageing Under Eye Treatment Serum, applied quickly with instant results that last 12 hours. It's an instant face lift, suited to men and women of all ages. A bit pricey, i've now had mine for 8 months and will never go without! Prepped and ready to go, apply a dot of cream blush on each cheek, and on the lips to pop some life back into your complexion – try Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge For Lips & Cheeks in Rose. Et voila! Welcome to you holiday destination, you look fabulous!


  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid stodgy in-flight food and order a vegan meal when you book your ticket.
  • Whip your hair into a bun and pin it to the top of your head to keep it fresh.
  • Get some shut eye.