Healthy Hair? Not the easiest task for the surf chick.

Hi beach babes!  I wanted to share a couple of products that I am truly blown away by.  My hair has always been a bit of a disaster.  I have A LOT of fine hair so it looks thick, but it’s not –disappointment number one.  Having started life with The ultimate head of beach waves worthy of Glamour magazine, I fell in love with watersports, it got damaged by the sun and salt water, the shorter layers turned to candy floss like dreads and the longer lengths poker straight – disappointment number two.  And finally, as a young teenager I quickly joined the highlight brigade to brighten my dull brown hair.  Unfortunately the sun, surf and salt water turned my years of ‘lifting’ into straw like locks, disastrous spilt ends and my hair seemed to get shorter rather than longer as I’d always wished for…could I get it to reach my nipples?  Could I hell! – disappointment number three.

I’ve tried every product under the sun – and of all price tags - in hope that it would be the magic potion to return my hair to its original state, or at least improve it!  But I was always unsatisfied as anything I tried would either be too heavy, too light, greasy or tangle my hair more.  So i’d resigned myself to long but not long enough hair, that was always in questionable condition, and of which my father has always said “will you brush your hair!?!”  The cheek! I had, 2 minutes ago!!

One year ago, I changed my hair routine which has had an awesome effect and has saved me money!  I still remain forever frolicking in the sunshine, hours in the salt water and day’s being windswept.  

What’s changed is that I sacked my very expensive but totally wonderful nonetheless hairdresser, and replaced him with a cheery girl who nips just the ends off every 5 weeks for under £10. Yes, you heard me, every 5 weeks!  It’s really not a hairdressing ploy to get more money off you, it’s the truth.  She recommended using the light DGJ Organics Honeydewmelon shampoo - (£5.99 )which I adore, to skip the conditioner and instead use Wella Oil Reflections (£10.99) that she rated highly.  I have to admit, I was dubious at first as my past experience with oils had left my hair nothing short of gross, but I was over the moon upon trying the recommended products and routine.  Another nugget of info she shared with me is to not brush your hair when wet as it stretches and breaks easily, but to use your fingers to work the oil through and brush, only once dry – if you want.  The result?  Well, last month I was in Cape Town with old friend and fellow beach babe, who could not believe her eyes when she saw the difference not only in the condition of my locks, but the length and volume.  Bingo!!  

I’m amazed with these products and how they work in combination.  They are really affordable and both smell divine, and very, very beachy.  I haven’t dyed my hair in years and stick to having a trim as close to 5 weeks as I can.  I hardly ever use my hair brush, come to think of it i’m not sure whether I even have one. Oh yes! and the final rule is to never pull your hair tie out, but rather unravel the hair

Here’s the proof in a rather dodgy selfie - well I thought I had to show you the results.   Shampooed, towel dried, oil added, a loose comb through with my fingers and left to dry naturally.