Why I wake up and workout

1.Natural light - There’s nothing like a blast of sunlight to get the brain and body energised.  Granted, it is a ‘rude awakening’ and upon emerging from my pit it takes a certain amount to will power to avoid doing a 180 but, soaking up the sun’s rays increase my serotonin levels making me more alert, active and positive. 

2. Metabolism - After a short blast of exercise in the morning  I can feel my body torching calories for the rest of the day thanks to the metabolic boost.

3. Muscle Up - I like to combine strength training with some High Intensity Interval Cardio.  Not only is this type of workout more engaging and fun, but by adding strength training to my routine I build more calorie-burning muscle.

4.  ReFuel - What works for one person does not necessarily work for another.  So once i’ve razzed my mind, metabolism and body up for the day, I listen to my appetite.  A short blast of exercise can often settle the ravenous hunger often triggered by boredom, so you’ll be refuelling what your body needs, not what the mind wants.