Tone it up with Action Sports

Hands up if you’ve ever busted a gut in the gym pre holiday to get ‘beach ready,’ and then sat back and done nothing during the time you’re away. Yes! of course you deserve a break from body pump, spinning and personal trainers, after all you are on holiday but, while you’re horizontal with your toes in the sand, indulging in all the delights you’ve been neglecting yourself in order to get into that new swimsuit, your tan builds but your beach bod dwindles. Now, there is no need for that! Forget the hotel gym, sports bra and trainers, you might have all the intentions to do a daily morning workout but who wants to do that? The reality remains that the breakfast buffet by the pool is way more appealing and there is a world of watersports fun waiting for you.

I live for the beach and the sea. My dreams revolve around travel and i’m passionate about watersports. I am a on a mission to introduce you to ‘no guilt needed’ holiday sporting alternatives close to my heart, that will give you the work out of a lifetime and all the pleasure in the world.

SUP or Stand Up Paddle is the newest craze of watersports. It’s ideal for all ages and sexes, and is a brilliant introduction to action packed water activities for absolute beginners. The HGV of the surf board world, combined with a paddle allows you to cruise the flat waters, or waves for the more daring, of your destination.

SUPing requires stability and will give you an intense core and leg work out without a sit up or squat in site. Add in the necessary paddle motion to this and the resistance from the water gives the whole of your upper body a shake down plus, engages your obliques. At the time, the ‘fun’ aspect covers up the hard work you’ll be putting in, but the following day you will feel the effects and in no time you’ll be a lean mean SUPing machine.

For the more adventurous looking for extra action there is Kiteboarding, a sport that offers vast scope to add your own style from day one. With its rapidly growing community where men and women of all ages are giving the sport a go and succeeding, why not you? The latest equipment it is extremely comfortable and doesn’t require Incredible Hulk like strength or fitness. It’s possible to learn the basics of the sport in around 10 hours and there are some beautiful locations ideal for learning, all highly accessible from the UK.

In terms of fitness, Kiteboarding is a winner. As the board glides through the water you are required to add resistance through your feet and legs which is a total quad, glute, hamstring workout. The harness is worn around the waist, attaching to the kite and forcing you to constantly counteract this process by contracting your abs, relentlessly. Your arms are used to steer the kite and these movements create long toned limbs. In short, Kiteboarding is a toning champion and great fun offering endless freedom on the water!

Both SUPing and Kiteboarding have opened my eyes to action sports with the capacity to be as tame or as extreme as you like, and have changed my body shape for the better. As I continue on my adventure to discover the world most magical locations for both of these sports, maybe next time you book time away you’ll reconsider the all-inclusive and sun-lounger’s, for a more active getaway immersed in natural surroundings. Your body and soul with thank you for it.