Stay Be Beach Fit + Beautiful during the summer party season.

It's summer and I know i'm not alone when I say there are an abundance of social events on the go, all of which will probably revolve around food and drink.  So here are some easy and effective tips to keep in mind, that could help you keep your beach body in check. 

If you’re interested to know what my regular diet is then here it is. I make healthy choices and don’t eat any foods I can’t pronounce or have to take a out a mortgage to afford. I believe that Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Brown Rice and Chicken is a good place to start. However, I’m not so stubborn that I won’t take inspiration from health foodies that I can relate to. A great example isDeliciously Ella, who focuses on whole plant-based food and gives easy ways to make the healthy version of guilty pleasures.

So, here are my tips for enjoying summer like a normal person and still Be Beach ready.

  • Love your Liver:  If like me you enjoy getting stuck in to an alcoholic beverage, then make sure you do your damage control. The liver is the most important organ for the metabolism and detoxification, so always take care of your system. Kick start your day with 500 ml of hot water and lemon and if you want something more, then a detoxifying juice will send you off in the right direction. Try: 2 beetroots, thumbnail of ginger, 1 lemon, a handful of coriander and 1 red apple.
  • Don’t accessorise your food…too much. It’s all too easy on any day of the week to pile up your plate with unnecessary calories, not to mention on those balmy summer days. Go easy when adding sauces, creams, nuts, cheese and butter to your meals. Quite frankly none of the above add as much flavour to the meal as they do to your waist line, so just be aware.
  • Be a food snob. If you don’t love it, don’t eat it!! The classic 'some of this, a bit of that and a slice of that’ can pile up, leave you feeling like a juicy sirloin steak.  Just choose a few of your fav's to add to your plate and relish in the fresh seasonal salads to fill the empty spaces.
  • Get up and get out. . Walk, jog, hell find a hill it really doesn’t matter but the simple fact is, to loose weight you have to burn more than you’re eating.  By simply getting out for 40 mins to an hour of a brisk anything, is enough to keep everything under control and your mind at rest.  Or try a Be Beach Fit workout!
  • Chew gum…subtly. It may not be the most attractive thing, but it certainly does the trick! Cooking whilst chewing will keep you from picking. Also, chewing gum after food produces stomach to aid digestion.

  • Eat the following foods in abundance Fill your plate with broccoli, sprouts, cabbage, asparagus, artichoke, kale and garlic. They all help to keep your body free of toxins, free radicals and other nasty things. By having a balance of fresh veg, and the naughty but oh so yummy summer delights, you’ll reap the benefits of a healthier, happier body.

So there you have it. Some simple tips so avoid expanding waistlines and sluggish systems over the summer. Of course, don’t forget to drink lots of water, get some rest, dry brush your skin, exfoliate and lavish your skin with delicious moisturisers.