Full body blast.

Come rain or shine I stick to high intensity training in one form or another.  The truth is that as long as I maintain consistency - even when travelling - each week I realise how my overall strength and agility improves, how my body changes shape, and many of my usual aches and pains diminish.  

Ultimately, my goals are to enhance and strengthen my endurance and agility, and prevent injury in all the sports I enjoy -  surfing, kiteboarding, wake boarding, SUP.    The benefits that come naturally with this type of training are a strong, lean body which also provides motivation -especially when I might need to don a bikini at any time.

This combo of exercises is just one of the many that i'd work into a 30 mins session, and requires your core to be engaged constantly.  Perfect for all levels of fitness the question is, how hard are you willing to push!?

HOW 2's:
- Deep squat pulses for 15 secs * Keep chest lifted, butt back and down, make sure knees are pointing straight and are not over the knee
- Drop down into plank position and with each push raise one leg up using butt. Alternate between legs and repeat for 15 secs.
- Explosive return to squat position lifting legs up and under you using your abs.
- Repeat this sequence for a total of 1 min.