Be Beach Fit 1 min workout for beach bodies + watersports.

OK!! So here we go…

Over a year ago I switched up my way of training due to a hectic travel schedule.  I realised that I needed to find a way to workout on the road and although I do love a good old fashion gym session, these high intensity, short bursts of maximum output, big functional exercises have worked wonders for the watersports I love to do, for injury prevention and me, personally.

I do a lot of watersports; kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding, windsurfing and SUP, so i’m fully aware of the fitness progression needed for strength, flexibility, agility and injury prevention.  Training in this specific way will evolve your fitness and prepare your body and muscles around your joints for the impact and awkward movements often necessary to ride. 

For those looking to get into any watersport, these exercises will prepare you, your core and muscles perfectly to learn new sports and help you succeed in your mission.

In addition to this, if you are a seasoned pro, for the periods of time that you’re not able to get on the water, these workouts will keep you on top of your game, so you’ll no longer spend the first four days in agony whilst your muscles find their flow again.  

Other than the sport specific performance benefits, I have seen my body change shape in a positive way and even though I weigh the same, I’m much smaller than i’ve ever been.

I hope you enjoy the first 1 minute workout of the Be Beach Fit series.  The aim is to enhance your strength, endurance and agility for your surfing, kiteboarding, wake boarding windsurfing or SUP performance.  And to achieve a healthy strong, lean beach body.  All exercises require your core to be engaged constantly so get ready for your waistline to change!  

Whether you’re new to this type of high intensity training or a fitness fanatic, these workout combos are ideal for all levels of fitness.  It all comes down to how hard are you willing to push yourself