'Heartbreaker' shades by SABRE

If sunglasses could speak, my pair of 'Heartbreaker' shades from SABRE would certainly be able to dish some dirt.  They've joined me on my globe trotting adventures, visiting some of the most beautiful beaches, surf spots, festivals and cities -  to name a few - and they still remain my 'grab and go' favourites. 

Touching down at Heathrow airport just the other day, I whipped them out of my handbag to hide my tired eyes, and as they relieved me of the intense strip lights that lined the corridors, their comfort reminded me that they had been with me for the last four years!  Can you remember the last pair of sunnies went 6 months unscathed let alone years?  No, I didn't think so, neither can I.

Big, dark and robust, they have been a saviour in many situations not to mention stylish.  They have lived either perched on the end of my nose, on my head, loose at the bottom of my bag, or discarded on the beach yet they still remain intact and fabulous.  

So today i'm celebrating my 'Heartbreaker's' as I head to the beach for another day in the sunshine with my 'old friends.'



Sophie Mathews