Gadgets to capture, share + experience.

Gadgets can be a craze, but which ones are truly useful when it comes to documenting your action packed trip?

Chargers, cables, lenses, waterproof housings and computers are just a few of the things that come to mind when packing for an action packed adventure. Nowadays there are so many gizmos available claiming to be The Ultimate, that quite frankly drawers quickly accumulate last seasons craze and when it come to choosing which one to take it’s easy to get stuck.

I’ve seen some impressive toys since starting out on my adventures, travelling the world and immersing myself in action sports. Not only that, but i’ve also tested endless pairs of headphones, cameras, waterproofs housings and other such gadgets, all of which have taken away from the moment for one reason or another, rather than added to it. I’ve worked with pro photographers and videographers all who have documented the activities with the most outrageously expensive and expansive selection of camera gear. However, nothing gives me more pleasure than doing it myself and sharing the experience with people immediately after. It has taken me years to get to the point where I know what combination of gadgets suit my style, passions and needs so maybe my trials, tribulations and eye opening discoveries will help you decide what to pack in your suitcase and maybe save you a bit of money.

Ultimately it’s the combination between individually great products that makes a powerful package. Snugs EarphonesGo Pro, the infamous iPhoneand Pico Pix Pocket Projector were the tools I took on my last trip to Fuerteventura and I was never left wanting more. So let me give you a greater insight into these products individually and hopefully the bigger picture will be self explanatory.

Snugs Earphones are discreet, custom fitted ear moulds that deliver the most delicious sound of crisp vocals and heavy bass. They are robust, secure and even available in waterproof so you can take pleasure in your sounds even when surfing. They cancel all background noise (yes that includes the screaming child next to you on the plane) and are the perfect travel and action companion. Plugging into all devices, you can have as much or as little noise as you could possible want in your life or activity.

The Go Pro is the mightiest, most versatile camera i’ve ever come across and a ‘must have’ for any sports enthusiast. Don’t let the size and weight of it fool you; it has huge capacities in both HD video and photo mode and is insanely durable, i’ve witnessed them take some heavy crashes. With no need for any knowledge of framing, focus or intricacies you will be guaranteed magical images for minimal effort. Teamed with a variety of cleverly designed mounts you can attach the Go Pro to the surface of your bike, board, car, kite or plane, hit record and confidently forget about it.

Once you’ve captured those moments, it’s all about sharing them with other people. Enter the Pico Pix Pocket Projector. My favourite discovery since the booty cut wetsuit, it allows you to share videos and pictures with outstanding colours and contrast. But what makes it so special? Having filmed or photographed your session, there is no need to go home and convert footage from your Go Pro onto your computer in order to view. By simply ejecting the SD card and slotting it into the Pico Pix, no bigger than an iPhone, you can get immediate play back to share in the bar, at a BBQ or even in the car park. The fun doesn’t end there, with a USB plug you can charge on the go and share even your iPhone screen if you happened to be using it as a camera or video device.

By linking strong products together I was given memories for a lifetime. Simplifying the process through gadgets that required minimum effort and together provided seamless progression, the start to finish experience was unquestionably enhanced. - Check out the action packed product video we created and starred in with Ripslix.  Just another busy day in the office!