Be Beach for Adoreum Magazine.

 I recently wrote a feature for Adoreum Magazine, recommending functional fashion and beauty products for those looking to branch out on their next holiday.  Sticking firmly to my ethic of "if something can't cut my testing process, then i'm not going to be recommending them," the pieces that I featured do, REALLY do the trick. 

I travel light, am always active, enjoy fashion and make up is a daily occurrence - even though people might think i'm wasting my time as i hit the water most days - but I care that people are getting the most bang for their buck. 

As it seems that we've become more adventurous in trying new things, we are no longer satisfied 'chilling' on a sun lounger; we want more.  I can't deny that I do love to waft about by the pool topping up my tan, but i appreciate it more when those post exercise endorphins are rushing around my body. So as you get ready for adrenaline pursuits and beach fitness just remember, there's no reason why you shouldn't look fabulous whilst doing it!


Heidi Klein Kaftan  /  Kiehl's 50+++  /  Sabre Showtime Sunglasses  /  Nikki de Marchi Bikini  /  Sophia Webster Sandals  /  Bill Brown Shopper Bag  /  Fanatic Inflatable SUP